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We are moving our meeting location temporarily. For the January – April meetings, we will be using the Art Workz Studio located at 517 Barksdale Blvd in Bossier City (near Red River Chevy). For more information on this location, including a map, visit the Art Workz facebook page.

We will return to the Bossier Library History Center in May.

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Brian03bWriter’s Block Can Close a Door and Smash Open a Window like The Kool Aid Man

This presentation will encompass a number of fun strategies to combat writer’s block that Brian has learned over the years and that he’s outright stolen from other writers.  The rapidly moving presentation will feature six bona fide,  guaranteed* techniques for turning the tables on writer’s block and actually making it work for you.  Bring your creativity hat because you will have a chance to do some interactive activities.  There will also be donuts.

           *not a guarantee


About The Speaker

Brian Stephenson has worked as a newspaper reporter, written magazine articles for international publications, and has completed 56 short stories, and eight novels.  He has traveled to 49 states, 48 countries, and won a dance competition in each hemisphere.  He’s also once shot a man in Reno, but it was with a water gun and the man was actually a small dog.