Jan 262018


For the month of February, our meeting location has been moved to the Conference room at the East 80 Library located at 1050 Bellevue Rd, Haughton, LA.

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He Said, She Said—Tips and Tricks for Putting the Focus on Your Dialogue

2018-02 anne_victoryDialogue is, unarguably, one of the most important aspects of a good story. It’s what breathes life into your characters. You want your dialogue to show your characters’ emotions, to immerse your readers. That means it needs to flow seamlessly and the mechanics need to disappear into the background. I’ll discuss the technical aspects (punctuating dialogue properly) as well as the craft side—when and how to use dialogue tags as opposed to action beats, how to make sure the dialogue is pulling its weight, and how to polish your dialogue so readers feel like they’re a fly on the wall, watching your characters interact.

About Our Speaker

Freelance editor Anne Victory specializes in romance, urban fantasy, and cozy mysteries. Her boutique editing business, Victory Editing, offers a full range of services from line editing to Oops Detection®, formatting, and a NetGalley co-op for e-ARC distribution. She provides clients, many of whom are NYT and USA Today best sellers, with a  full editing team while giving them the convenience of a single point of contact. Anne is also the cofounder of the Association of Independent Publishing Professionals.  And, finally, she’s the chief cook and bottle washer for her husband, a boisterous spaniel who loves to wear dresses, two cats, and two birds.