NOLA STARs is pleased to announce the release of their newest anthology, Forever and Always.

The North Louisiana chapter of Romance Writers of America brings together nine amazing Southern authors to tell timeless stories about what might have been. Set against the background of an award-winning Victorian-style Bed & Breakfast, these sweet love stories are sure to make you smile.

From the Cross Lake Monster to a cozy mystery, from lovers separated by war to joyous reunions, and from the early 1900s to today with even a wedding or two in between, these stories showcase couples whose strong love triumphs over immense obstacles.

So, grab an icy glass of tea and come sit in the gazebo under the magnolia tree, where the breeze keeps you cool, even in the hottest summer, and enjoy sweet stories about love.

Because, who doesn’t want to fall in love in a beautiful place?

December 2017

NOLA STARs is pleased to announce the release of the Christmas Roses Anthology. This collection features 9 authors from our chapter, 4 of them making their debut with this release.

When the North Louisiana chapter of the Romance Writers of America decided to invite our members to put together an anthology, we wanted to highlight a part of Louisiana that doesn’t get as much attention as our lively neighbors to the south – Northwest Louisiana. We also wanted to showcase something in our area that was a hidden jewel, and immediately the Gardens of the American Rose Center came to mind. When the sun sets each year late November through January, these amazing gardens come to life beneath thousands of Christmas lights. Since many in our chapter write stories of people falling in love, the idea of using this venue as a place for our couples to reunite, see each other in a new light, or find love for the second time around seemed a natural choice. We hope you enjoy these stories of love, laughter and joy set at Christmas in Roseland.


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Come visit a place where love blooms and holiday magic fills the air…

Set against the background of the Gardens of the American Rose Center, these stories of hope and holiday cheer are sure to warm your heart and put you in a festive mood.

There’s no better gift than finding love among the roses. In this collection, you’ll find second chances at love, couples who find more than friendship under the mistletoe, and holiday reunions that bring the joy of the season. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and curl up with Christmas Roses.


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